Learning at GISIPS

Our unique approach to student learning prepares for the challenges of life and work. The aim is to help and fulfill their intellectual and personal potential in a way that significantly contributes to each and every student with the help of following resources & techniques.

Library :
The library serves as a backbone to all academic activities; it houses a collection of more than 6,000 volumes of books. In addition, a number of academic journals, research reports, scientific magazines, as well as audio, video and CDROMs are also available. This collection has been carefully selected from a number of national and international professional resources. The library has an outstanding reading room with a large seating capacity and areas dedicated to both silent and group study.

Computer Facilities :
The computer laboratory is equipped with internet access and the latest software, giving our students access to the most up-to-date information at the click of a button. We provide a network of Pentium IV machines adequately matched and supported by a host of printers, scanners, modems and other peripherals. A large amount of space is dedicated for students to learn independently in a stimulating atmosphere.

Teaching Methodology :
Keeping in view the philosophy of student centered learning; the teaching methodology at GISIPS encourages freedom of thought and the questioning & challenging of established view. Debates after lessons and innovative teaching methodology enables students to grasp and analyze the subject instead of cramming. A combination of teacher supervised and teacher independent learning activities, at individual and group levels are integrated into the system. Furthermore, GISIPS recognises the importance of direct practical, in addition to theory based learning and therefore we ensure a balance of the two is achieved in all courses offered.

Independent Learning :
Assignment activities form the basis of student independent learning. This involves conceiving, planning and researching an activity, implementing and completing it, as well as reflecting on performance. Students thereby develop a wide range of key transferable competencies, including organizational, technical and interpersonal skills. Field studies, laboratory activities, case studies, presentations and group discussions all form part of a student's independent learning process.

Interactive Approach :
The traditional mode of learning perpetuates memorizing without the student ever grasping the soul of the subject. This can result in a situation where lessons taught are never learnt or applied in real life. At GISIPS, students embrace a unique learning process, absorbing the teachings, which continue to pay dividends throughout their working lives. The GISIPS method encompasses constant interaction between faculty and students.



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